Superior pizza cheeses with flavor enhancement, freeze thaw stability and stretch

A New Kind of Stability



ButterGel, forms unusual molecular complexes with fats and oils in a system that has a consistency like that of a gelatin gel. It temporarily harbors portions of the fats from water, has structural functions contributing to gel and matrix formation and protein cooperation, is thermo reversible providing melts similar to fats, mimics gelatin, is flavorless, forms significant films which may be dried and rehydrated, enhances flavor, is heat stable, acid stable and represents quality improvement and cost saving in many dairy, salad dressings and meat emulsion type products.


Re-engineer the Traditional


The net effect is to be able to reduce more expensive butterfat, reduce total fat, produce fat free items, enhance the flavor of regular fat products, improve the processability of foods, increase profitability and enable the incorporation of additional ingredients in engineered foods.



ButterGel is sold as a spray dried powder or as a pre-hydrated gel. Labeled as “food starch modified”, ButterGel is patented under U.S. Patent Laws and is certified by Blue Ribbon Kosher.



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