Excellent partner with eggs

Heat, shear and acid stability

5.           And Then, Double Acting Fat Management:

A secondary effect of the chemistry is to create a super-emulsion. As the available core cavities are filled, ButterGel provides a secondary fat management system as the complex begins to act more as a traditional emulsifier.

6.           It’s Also a Hydrating Agent:

The outer surface of ButterGel acts as a hydrophilic component, carrying associated water into food systems. This water offers the opportunity for selective hydration of components such as proteins in cheese thus giving a boost to the power of the proteins.

7.           Flavor Enhancement Through Films:

ButterGel is an excellent film former and its ability to hold hydrophobic guests in the helices of those films make it an effective flavor enhancer. As items containing the ButterGel system are chewed, the flavors are temporarily held on the palate as a film and as the natural enzymes of saliva quickly degrade the film, the flavor components are released thus enhancing, spreading and prolonging flavor perception.


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