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A New Ingredient for Stabilizing Emulsions Through Unique Food Engineering

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1. ButterGel is Like a Slinky:

ButterGel is a unique molecular system that includes a section with a helical shape; like a coil spring. The finished helical molecule has the hydrophobic core of a stabilized, molecular, amylose structure. ButterGel is also water-soluble because hydroxyl groups face outward on the water-friendly outer surface of the coil structure.

2. Fats are Absorbed:

When exposed to dissolved ButterGel, neighboring lipids such as butterfat are attracted to the fat-friendly core of the molecule.

3. More Than an Emulsion:

As opposed to globule-forming traditional emulsifiers the hydrated ButterGel mechanism can be used to create more efficient molecular dispersions of fats and oils in water-based systems such as those in dairy products.

4. Fat Management:

These molecular dispersions offer new dimensions in fat management including magnifying the impact of oil-based flavors, stabilizing emulsions, extending mouthfeel of fats, reducing fat requirements, and more.




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A Thermo-Reversible Fat and Texture Management System