Improves processing, manages meltability

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8.           Unique Thermo-Reversible Gel:

ButterGel is normally sold as a hydrated, thermo reversible, gelatin-like gel at cold temperatures as well as a spray dried powder. Various models of ButterGel have varying melt and resolidification temperatures and curves. These functional profiles can be made to match, enhance or restrict melt rates of a wide variety of cheeses.


9.           Protein Synergies:

The ButterGel helix structure has the ability to interact with proteins to extend, hydrate, strengthen and stabilize various food systems.



10.         Opening Up New Ways to Build Foods:

This technology enables significant degrees of engineering for optimizing the characteristics of the molecule, as well as engineering of the insertion of other nutritional components such as phytosterol esters to yield a very broad range of applications and effects.


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