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Quantum improvements in all kinds of foods

1. ButterGel is Like a Slinky:

ButterGel is a unique helical molecular system, like a coil spring. ButterGel is water-soluble, but the inside tunnel of this helical molecule is hydrophobic. It’s the core of this stabilized, engineered, molecular amylose structure. Hydroxyl groups face outward on the water-friendly outer surface of the coil structure; CH groups face inward.

2. Fats are Absorbed:

When exposed to dissolved ButterGel, lipids such as butterfat are attracted to the molecules fat-friendly tunnel.

3. More Than an Emulsion:

Unlike the giant globules formed by traditional emulsifiers, the hydrated ButterGel mechanism creates more efficient molecular dispersions of fats and oils in water-based systems. Orders-of-magnitude smaller.

4. Fat Management:

These molecular dispersions offer new dimensions in fat management, including magnifying the impact of oil-based flavors, stabilizing emulsions, extending the mouthfeel of fats, reducing fat requirements, and more.

Stabilizing Emulsions Through Unique Food Engineering

5. And Then, Double Acting Fat Management:

A secondary effect of the chemistry is to create a super-emulsion. As the open core cavities fill, ButterGel provides a secondary fat management system and the complex begins to act more as a traditional emulsifier.

6. It’s Also a Hydrating Agent:

The outer surface of ButterGel is layered in various degrees of free water so ButterGel acts as a sponge, carrying associated water into food systems. This water offers up selective hydration of components such as proteins in cheese thus giving an immediate boost to the power of the proteins.

7. Flavor Enhancement Through Films:

ButterGel is also an excellent film-former, and its ability to hold hydrophobic guests in the helices of those films makes it an effective flavor enhancer. As you chew foods containing ButterGel, flavors are spread and temporarily held on the palate and released as saliva’s natural enzymes degrade the film. The flavor components are released, enhancing, spreading, and prolonging flavor perception.

We Have a System to Fit Your Dream Product

8. Unique Thermo-Reversible Gel

ButterGel is a pre-hydrated, thermoreversible, gelatin-like gel at cold temperatures. Various models of ButterGel have a distinct melt and re-solidification temperature and curve. These functional profiles match, enhance or restrict profiles of a wide variety of foods.

9. Protein Synergies:

The ButterGel helix structure can interact with proteins to extend, hydrate, strengthen and stabilize various food systems.

10. Opening Up New Ways to Build Foods:

This technology offers significant degrees of engineering for optimizing the characteristics of the molecule and engineering the insertion of other hydrophobic nutritional components such as phytosterol esters to yield an extensive range of applications and effects.

In ice cream, ButterGel technology reduces aging time, eliminates serum separation, controls ice crystal formation, and improves both full fat and lower fat ice cream to mimic premium ice cream mouthfeel. Some of these attributes also benefit producing sour cream, cream cheese, and numerous other foods.